February 18th 2020

A new generator as well as a building to protect and secure it has been built! This generator will support having lessons, even if the power has been interrupted.

December 1st 2019

There is a current project of building improvements for the Noah’s Ark Academy structure. This is a requirement of the Ministry of Education, the school must upgrade their facility. Tutors are hearing “Happy Hammering” as the project work is happening. We are joyful and appreciative for the donations that have made this possible.

We still need help raising money for the project and for a generator and internet/fuel for 2020. This is the link for the donation site on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1412684048881372/ You may also donate on the Invictus site, https://www.invictusinstitute.org/donate/ . Donations are tax deductible. The school will benefit greatly from the improvements, providing the students with a better environment for learning. All donations are greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

November 20th 2019

The website interesteng.org is an online magazine by English language learners, published by Jeannie, one of our Invictus Institute tutors. Hawkins, one of the Noah’s Ark students, has written two articles for the magazine, the first article “All about lizards” was published in the October 2019 edition, the second article “All about the hyrax” was published in the November edition. Both articles are informative about these animals found in Kenya. Hawkins is thirteen years old and in the 8th Standard class. The magazine has received “fan mail” for Hawkins about his articles and his knowledge of the lizard and the hyrax.

The interesteng.org articles are written by English learners all over the world and provide some insight into the world of our learners. The opportunity for learners to share their culture and ideas and feel a real sense of accomplishment is very special for them. Congratulations to Hawkins for becoming Noah’s Ark first published author in this online magazine and watch for more articles from this author!!

Readers may access the magazine on http://www.interesteng.org. Click on the month tabs to review the articles for that month. Tutors are welcome to share the articles with their students!! There are many resources for students and tutors on the magazine site .

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